Innovate Suffolk - Q&A

We’re a group of like-minded innovators, set up to champion and support the huge, diverse pool of talent working across the technology, gaming, film and creative industries in our beautiful county. We want to bring together talent, connecting people to solve real-world problems and build long-term, viable collaborations.

There’s a tremendous amount going on in Suffolk, but often it is isolated in specific communities. Bringing these groups together strengthens innovation across the county, benefiting everyone and attracting and retaining people to live and work here.

Innovate Suffolk is a not-for-profit organisation created by a group of entrepreneurs and innovators with wide experience in the tech space.

The core team comprises Chris Pont (IJYI), David Atkins (Ipswich Makerspace), Jeremy Parsons (Magic Subscriptions), Mark Thomas (Coderus), Paul Graham (Matrixx), Peter Basford (Business Growth Coaches Network) and Simon Arnold (Hays). There are lots of individuals and organisations who are supporting us in many different ways – let us know if you have time, talents or other resources to share.

But it isn’t about us – the project is designed to be open and inclusive. Everyone is welcome!

There are lots of networking groups in Suffolk – we know, we’re part of many of them. Our aim is simple – we want to bring from these diverse groups together and enable the creative collisions that benefit everyone.

We’re supported by a wide range of corporate and public sector bodies. Our first partner, the University of Suffolk, is providing the venue for the first Innovate Suffolk event. More partners and sponsors are listed under Sponsors.

Primarily for the chance to meet and network with like-minded people, while helping solve real-world problems around mental health. Startup events are exciting, exhausting and exhilarating in equal measure. We’re sure you’ll leave on Sunday evening having learnt lots, met new people and achieved a great deal.

We’re open to everyone! We are looking for the widest range of attendees – the mental health community, those with knowledge of mental health issues, developers, creatives, business people and other innovators from the corporate, university and public sectors.

On the Friday evening people will have the chance to pitch their ideas, or to explore particular challenges set out by our partners in the mental health community. You’ll then get the chance to form teams and work together on projects for 48 hours, supported by mentors, judges and sponsors. At the end of Sunday teams will present their ideas, with the most promising selected for further support to develop, trial and apply them. Take a look at the Schedule to find out more.

We’re looking for people with a wide range of skills and experiences to work together, not just those with ideas. You might be a creative, a developer, a business person or someone with knowledge of mental health – everyone has a role and is very welcome.

The ticket price simply covers catering from the Friday evening to Sunday evening. You’ll receive food on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. And coffee, lots of coffee……….

No, but there are plenty of hotels nearby.

We want our event to be the start of a journey, not its end. Our judging panel will select the most promising projects so that they can then be further developed, trialled and applied through the support of Innovate Suffolk and its partners.

Absolutely. Our aim is for this to be the first event in an ongoing programme. Each one will focus on a real-world challenge, and we’re planning for them to happen every six months.

Definitely not! In fact, we actively encourage people from outside the county to come along and see more of Suffolk and what it has to offer!